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Three Irish Movements

uploaded: Wed, Aug 25, 2021 @ 7:30 AM
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It is now 99 years since the Irish freedom fighter Michael Collins was assassinated. It was not by the British but by his own people who did not recognise the agreement he had made, part of which was swearing allegiance to the British Crown. He saw this as a start but others were not content to wait.

Over 100 women fought for the Irish Republican movement following the Easter rising. One of these was Margaret Keogh a 19 year old printers assistant. She was killed on the eve of a ceasefire by the British forces whilst they were making a raid on her home in the Ringlands area of Dublin.

Ian Paisley was a fiery protestant who led both the political and the religious movement during the last troubles. He was well known for his stubborness but even he in the end embraced the peace talks so much so that by his relationship with the IRA’s Martin McGuiness they brought about peace between the north and the south.

She came from Dublin city
With a sanctimonious look upon her face
He called her queen she drank his whiskey
It took her to a very special place
He watched her leave not in body but in spirit
As she gently rose voices filled the air again
He took her hand but she was far beyond him
She was dancing with the spirits of Ringsend

He called her name she could not hear him
His voice drowned out by sounds of stamping feet
And all around the air was glowing
It was raising hell with every passing beat
And as they danced the grey faced undertaker
Made gestures to the man with whom he came
And together they performed the rights of passing
As they had done before yes just the same

In Grogan’s bar they drank for victory
If not by words than surely with the gun
And Collins words rang hollow in the City
So deeds were planned to halt his union
And as with all who say that they are righteous
There’s plenty who will say that they are so
But the truth is that the road is full of questions
And the answers to them we may never know

"Three Irish Movements"
by Radioontheshelf

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