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Red Shoes On The Ferry

uploaded: Fri, May 28, 2021 @ 8:41 AM
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I boarded the ferry and sat in the balmy October air as we crossed from Kowloon to Hong Kong island. The girl in the red shoes smiled as if she knew me and in so many ways she did. As we approached the terminal the passengers arose and started to jostle each other for a good position to disembark. Shuffling up the gangway to the early evening light I looked behind me to see the girl moving slowly, a withered leg causing her to move in a crab like manner. Later that night as we drank cocktails in the Captains bar in the Mandarin hotel she assured me that everything else about her worked fine so I should not worry.

We shall dance around the corners of our hearts
Hold special moments in our palms when we depart
The moments tell us we are ready to embark
The boat is sailing to the edges of our past

You are twisted bent distorted but ultimately proud
Proud of all your achievments at the edge of the crippled town
A hundred armies have tried to pull your buildings down
But we had honour simple truths even though we danced with clowns

I had music in the baggage from a strange affair
Lips perfecting Humphrey Bogarts swagger grace and air
She was hiding all her creases at the bottom of the stairs
The bed held answers that were damaged but soon could be repaired

Give a little take a little be behaved and share a minute girl
Follow idols hide from cycles trim your thoughts that lead you to despair
Give a little space for everyone who has a broken heart
Offer up best wishes and prepare to make a brand new start

"Red Shoes On The Ferry"
by Radioontheshelf

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