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Keep On Coming Back

uploaded: Fri, Feb 28, 2020 @ 4:01 AM
FeaturingAdmiral Bob, Geoff Peters
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Crooning with the Admiral.

I’m nearer to seventy five than to twenty one
I’m over the crushes but still out for fun
I’m ageless when settled still fiery inside
Too hard to handle still spreading the lies

Not a man of pretention far worse than that
Kicking over my memories trying hard to get back
Yeh back to your future a time I knew well
Your still full of wonder I’m still raising hell

It’s a story of regret it’s a tale of expense
A foot in the future a life just mispent
And you have your memories a bitter refrain
It’s always a struggle to handle the pain

Dry eyes and a falling star brought back to earth again
Battered and scarred
Shaking off the cobwebs claiming new facts
It’s too much to wish for and there’s no going back

So parade all your thoughts now hang your pain on the line
Give everybody one more look yeh one more time
Arrivedeche Annie aurevoir go to hell
You never listed to me but then I never listened to myself

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"Keep On Coming Back"
by Radioontheshelf

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