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Sunrays on Sandy Denny

uploaded: Sat, Jan 12, 2019 @ 12:52 PM
FeaturingMartijn & unreal dm
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Sandy Denny was a fragile creature whose demons and lifestyle were at odds with the beauty of her voice and the haunting songs she wrote. Her addiction to throwing herself down stairs would ultimately be her undoing.

Many thanks to Martin and Unreal dm for the BT. So good I looped it three times!

Sunrays on the water down by Millers creek on a hot and humid Friday when I still should be in work
And the girl is chasing watermen and backspinners mayfly too
But I’m just lazing on the grass eyes closed half full of booze

Sandy Denny’s on the radio asking questions about time I am not the one to answer as I’ve always wasted mine
She sings of birds that now are leaving while mine have still to arrive
Its another day in summer 1975

I could eat a bunch of watercress that laid on top of eggs sliced thinly so as to be easy to digest
But we left them in the kitchen when we ran to catch the bus
That would bring us to this gentle place just made for the two of us

And Sally called last thursday to ask if we were free to eat dinner at her town house she had people we should meet
They were young aspiring artists sculptors and one who made just rugs
But woven in beautiful colours with patterns we’d just love

But the beauty they could confiscate must one day be returned to be handed on to others who had surely come to learn
Like the water moving slowly just inches from my feet
That carried time to places where the meanings were too deep

And the girl has packed the day away and offers up the fact that we need to leave for Sallys house its time that we got back
For the artists will be waiting and the words will start to flow
Will they play more Sandy Denny in the house to which we go

"Sunrays on Sandy Denny"
by Radioontheshelf

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