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The Leaving of 2018

uploaded: Sun, Dec 30, 2018 @ 3:56 AM
FeaturingStefan & Javolenus
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The New Year beckons. The old one has almost finished packing its bags and readys itself for the history books. Optimism starts to fill the air as the world pulls on new sports shoes ready to start the race of 2019. Let us hope they fit well and the laces are properley tied.

I will leave you now like so many before
A little wiser but still foolish
Still chasing dreams and more

Whistling better now not kissing thats for sure
Thinking clearer than wine and still opening doors
You call me often but I’m not listening

I have made new vows promised change and passion
Looked to find a hero in the new clothes I am wearing
Studied the man in the moon kept the cheese he offered

You are still amused by my careless freedom
Humble in my skin but still aware of danger
I tempt you with my prospects and stroke you with my hunger

Time is blessed with change time is chasing honour
Gifts are there to take ready for your calling
You know the way to go but have no legs for running

So let me feel my way in the darkness of the moment
Laugh away the clowns who play inside my conscience
I will take it in my stride I will not fear your smiles

"The Leaving of 2018"
by Radioontheshelf

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