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WuChi 3

uploaded: Mon, Sep 10, 2018 @ 11:54 AM
FeaturingPanu,admiral bob, airtone
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Continuing the thread I added vocals

She had risen from the ashes like a phoenix newly born
With a destination planned out she would ride above the storm
And he wore a coat from Harrods he had purchased when in funds
It was from recycled leather that had once felt air and sun
For the game was nearly over and the shouting far away
And the sounds of Pavarotti now replaced with David Grey
Its a story from September but could equally be june
For all he could remember was the knife and fork and spoon

Surrounded by his passion shed kept her thoughts inside
He had promised greener pastures but she knew it was lies
For tomorrow is a panneled room where brass and steel prevale
And together they will twist it and create the shapes that fail

She was hanging in the air just invisible strings
Her teacher had told her to bend all things
But not being very supple she just started to spin
Shes been spinning ever since through golden rings

They were searching for the yin but only found the yang
But it never really mattered it didnt stop their plans
He took her to the Body Shop and rubbed oil on her skin
Before she could remove it he had given her original sin

"WuChi 3"
by Radioontheshelf

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