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Tuesday with Sally and Dylan

uploaded: Mon, Jul 23, 2018 @ 6:22 AM
FeaturingLena Orsa
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When Sally’s dancing was halted by a fateful meeting with a pothole and a truck.

It was Tuesday when the world arrived dressed in glitter with a hand on a cane
Two promises on its lips three marriages torn to bits
A tragic answer to the questions we asked just a memory from a crippled past
Take your hand place it on my heart feel the tenderness a glimpse of the past

It was overdue but still underdone just like a mother who could not bear a son
A jacque Brell song on her lips hard to grasp but full of good intent
God bless the man the girl in you the ribbons holding up the attitude
Speak her name or hold your peace extoll her virtues or let her bleed

Down in the cellar where you kept her chained she scrawled a message but did not leave her name
Annonimity must be preserved and all the sentences reduced to one word
It is a mist that we must try to peer through a sad reminder of a human abused
Wipe away the grime of 14 years and stroke the animal that holds back the tears

In September when the stars were green the false intruders licked on warm ice cream
They channeled chanel into childrens hands and shaved their legs till they were spick and span
Sally told me she would leave her man if I was willing to take up her plan
I said my heart it did concur but common sense made it all a blur

If tomorrow is another mans dream and yesterday a girl from a sad girls scene
And Dylan Thomas a poet still a child a man in waiting who could not be defined
Then you and I we are tarnished gold worn out leather from worn out souls
You say adios goodbye and farewell then eat a fruit that no shop would sell

So weep for sad scenes on a graveyards stone and plant potatos in the dead mens bones
Reap your rewards when the time is right and cross your heart intending to heed the night
Pick up all the pieces and clear your mind and leave this wretched world far behind
Annoint the one who clears his desk and plough up all the fields where the lives were wrecked

"Tuesday with Sally and Dylan"
by Radioontheshelf

2018 - Licensed under
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Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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