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Do You?

uploaded: Mon, Jan 9, 2017 @ 8:12 AM
FeaturingChoqueTT, RedRun, & Patricia Hudson
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Tell me, tell me, tell me,
Do you think of me and kiss insanity?

That’s alright.

Be mad about me
Give in to the devil in your bones
The devil in my eye
The angel of the night’s perfect hum.

Drop the pretense of explanation
Forget who you’re pretend to be
Forget who you imagine me to be
Answer in the emptiness.

Tell me, tell me, tell me,
Do you wanna dance this life with me?

Let’s move like the possessed
Thrashing down along the living road
Because forget gentle myths
Let’s be crazed
Shaking off the dust of the world.

Tell me, tell me, tell me,
Do you really want me?

Then let’s break the night together
Take the pieces home
To build our broken sky.

Do you really want me?

"Do You?"
by PorchCat

2017 - Licensed under
Creative Commons

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