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October was a busy time and many things were started, not completed. This is one.

The third whistling verse is part of the same vocal performance and is included in the voice stems. I deliberately recorded with no metronome/click so there is a fair degree of rubato.

Lyrics © & (cc)BY D A Ayer 2018-10-26

Sometimes I fear that we’ve wandered so far
down this strange lonesome road we don’t know who we are
and when I look back all too often it seems
the illusion of progress was all in my dreams.
The hope that sustained us has grown brittle and thin.
What wisdom we’ve gained has blown off on the wind.
Love and virtue with knowledge slip away as we lie
adrift in our selves looking up at the sky.

Some days I feel we’ve gone blind to the light
shining down on this world, seeing only the night
that stretches ahead, full of sorrow and tears
as we wrap ourselves tight in the cloaks of our fears.
The joys of our childhood are covered in dust
while the toys of our youth have all fallen to rust
and our memory fades, as we conscious remain
alone on our mountains staring out at the rain.

Still there are nights when the wind whispers soft
through the halls of my soul and then bears me aloft
above these sad feelings of loss and regret
where I dwell on the few things we dare not forget:
that nothing of value is truly all mine;
and kind words to a stranger will echo through time;
that the ocean and desert share the stars far above;
and the one thing worth finding and keeping is love.

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by Mr_Yesterday

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