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Here Comes the Snow

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My “half” of the vocals and lyrics for Ubiquitous Now, my remix of Snowflake and unreal_dm, in case you’d like to repurpose them. Patience: there’s a few bars of nothing at the head.

Four STEMs are all from one continuous take: two different mics (SM58 and NT-1), each raw and processed (iZotope Nectar). Preview is the processed NT-1 track.

Here Comes the Snow
(cc)BY 2017-04-16 D A Ayer

Here comes the snow. It’s drifting gently through the night.
It vanishes between your gaze and me.
Yet when you wake up snow’s the only thing you see.

Here comes the snow…

Here comes the snow. It drops more softly than a tear
from Heaven, though it lacks the wings to fly.
Yet once it’s fallen snow’s as vast as all the sky.

Here comes the snow…

Here comes the snow: an omnipresent autograph…
a touch of snow…marks all my favorite photographs…

Here comes the snow. It’s quiet as a whisper now.
You have to hold your breath to hear the sound.
Yet in the morning snow breathes silence all around.

Here comes the snow…
You can’t outrun the snow…

Here comes the snow. It covers up the world I know
and hides its dust and ashes for a day.
Then in a little while it all just melts away.

Here comes the snow…
Here comes the snow!

Contents of ZIP Archive: Vocal STEMs

  • /ubiquitouSnow-002_Mic01Proc.flac (10.37MB)
  • /ubiquitouSnow-003_Mic02Proc.flac (5.42MB)
  • /ubiquitouSnow-008_Mic01Raw.flac (7.49MB)
  • /ubiquitouSnow-009_Mic02Raw.flac (5.91MB)
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"Here Comes the Snow"
by Mr_Yesterday

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