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Kaer_Trouz_-_I am a Stone with Bonus tracks

uploaded: Sat, Oct 24, 2020 @ 1:02 PM last modified: Sat, Oct 24, 2020 @ 2:38 PM  (add)
FeaturingKaer_Trouz, mactonite, porchCat
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Two tracks for one artist..and bonus tracks PorchCat these mortal lips.

Contents of ZIP Archive: I am a stone Zip

  • /Kaer_Trouz_-_I_Am_a_Stone/3_ZynX.ogg (421.83KB)
  • /Kaer_Trouz_-_I_Am_a_Stone/4_Bass.ogg (421.83KB)
  • /Kaer_Trouz_-_I_Am_a_Stone/5_TriOsci.ogg (421.83KB)
  • /Kaer_Trouz_-_I_Am_a_Stone/6_Zyn.ogg (421.83KB)
  • /Kaer_Trouz_-_I_Am_a_Stone/7_ZinZin.ogg (421.83KB)
  • /Kaer_Trouz_-_I_Am_a_Stone/8_ZinFX.ogg (421.83KB)
  • /Kaer_Trouz_-_I_Am_a_Stone/mactonite.ogg (421.90KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: GhostOfLeesZip

  • /Kaer_Trouz_-_Ghosts_of_Lees/1_Zinth.ogg (309.60KB)
  • /Kaer_Trouz_-_Ghosts_of_Lees/2_TriOsci.ogg (310.13KB)
  • /Kaer_Trouz_-_Ghosts_of_Lees/3_Bass.ogg (309.54KB)
  • /Kaer_Trouz_-_Ghosts_of_Lees/4_ZinthFX.ogg (309.58KB)
  • /Kaer_Trouz_-_Ghosts_of_Lees/5_ZinthX.ogg (309.60KB)
  • /Kaer_Trouz_-_Ghosts_of_Lees/6_MPad.ogg (309.62KB)
  • /Kaer_Trouz_-_Ghosts_of_Lees/Preview.flac (657.58KB)
  • /Kaer_Trouz_-_Ghosts_of_Lees/Preview.wav (310.16KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: TheseMortalLipsZip

  • /PorchCat_-_These_Mortal_Lips/2_Bass.ogg (332.35KB)
  • /PorchCat_-_These_Mortal_Lips/4_eBoy.ogg (332.54KB)
  • /PorchCat_-_These_Mortal_Lips/5_IDS.ogg (332.06KB)
  • /PorchCat_-_These_Mortal_Lips/6_ZinX.ogg (332.06KB)
  • /PorchCat_-_These_Mortal_Lips/7_ZZinFX.ogg (332.06KB)
  • /PorchCat_-_These_Mortal_Lips/8_ZZinbFX.ogg (332.06KB)

"Kaer_Trouz_-_I am a Stone with Bonus tracks"
by MalreDeszik

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