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Non-Commercial Controversial? (KF, Jav-O, E-con Mix)

uploaded: Fri, Jun 22, 2012 @ 12:40 PM
byJoel Frijters
Featuringeconomix,javolenus,spinning merkaba
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From the forums of ccMixter comes an economix written, KungFu performed, Javolenus and Spinning Merkaba grooved track. There is even a cameo by E-Con himself! I hope you enjoy :)

“Un-default” by Hamish Darby
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

Non-Commercial, Non-Commercial
Is it good for the planet, is it geothermal?
Non-Commercial, Non-Commercial
What does it mean? It’s Controversial.

Non commercial, non-commercial
The full fried chicken without the colonel
Non commercial, non-commercial
Neither red nor blue, but not really purple

Non commercial, non-commercial
If my kids are NC, is that paternal?
Non commercial, non-commercial
Copyright hangs, but we’ve come full circle

Non commercial, non-commercial
Don’t attribute and see the courts are hurtful
Non commercial, non-commercial
Give your stuff away, creation is fertile

Non commercial, non-commercial
The Patent shell, without the turtle
Non commercial, non-commercial
the small print screams, without being verbal

Non commercial, non-commercial
Little black dress without the girdle
Non commercial, non-commercial
We each have the seed, but love is the kernel

Non commercial, non-commercial
Profits are down but growth is internal
Non commercial, non-commercial
I want to give, but letting go is a hurdle

Bring forces to surround
That mighty melody line
Shut those brothers down
That tune is MINE MINE MINE (fade)

“What do we do with our new song?”
“Why not just email it out?”
“Because we deserve credit for this”
“Credit? Who do we owe?”
“Do you play bass?”
“Just drums, why? speak up.”
“No reason, look commons are the new copyright man, haven’t you heard?”
“OK, what are the choices?”
“non-commercial where people can’t use our song, pretty much without permission, or attribute us with fame for the music forever”
“Too good to hide - click attribution”
“Done !”

"Non-Commercial Controversial? (KF, Jav-O, E-con Mix)"
by Joel Frijters

2012 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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