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The Day Of the Octopus (Cathy´s Speech)

uploaded: Fri, Jan 21, 2022 @ 2:13 AM last modified: Sun, Jan 23, 2022 @ 2:16 AM  (replace)
byKiki (Sunstream FM)
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its 11:10 central european time. it all started this morning with the pell murderer from forensic. and it ended in the day of the octopus…

i was just fooling around…:)

meat loaf has died. he made these rock operas in the seventies and the nineties? right?:)

for those who do understand music. like this remix and what it tells yourself about the composer::))))

its 09:38 cet. two days later. its sunday. youtube is so boring, in comparison to tiktok. i guess the americans bl3w it up…

even that the chinese tiktoks are the worst thing of all, i have no words for them. they are just all fake. with the cheapest chinese or german schlager music, which sounds like sh!t. deep and honest di@rrhea…

but i dont so see much of them. the genius algorithm of tiktok is saving me from stuff like that. i got the whole european funny cosmos of joe and jane average on a fingertip. i got the whole universe of america (bl@ck power, southstate r@cists, democrats, republicans and of course all the others joes and janes averages in the states) on my fingertips….

and when a tiktok isnt funny, it is at least interesting…

i wasnt in church on sundays for ten years. shame on me.
and moh@mmed on fridays, david and shlomo on saturday and buddha on thursdays are no alternatives. and agnosticism and atheism from monday to wednesday aint an alternative either. since im not running on the big til death lasting hamsterwheel of life, where i could spend my time, clicking with my nose on some buttons for r@t treats in return…and thinking that im the crown of the universe because of that…

i feel like a god. no doubt. a superhero without tight pants with no b@lls on them. in retirement, tho. but im doing music.:)

good morning europe and good night america…

its 19:11 cet. am still listening to this remix.

i’m really for street cred. even if i never go to jail as a person. once crazy in germany always psychiatric hospital. no matter what i would do. st@b someone, str@ngle them or tr@mple them to de@th. german laws. i could even r8b a bank. and nothing. just hospital.

i console myself for my lack of street cred with the following joke:

my friend has s3x three to four times a week. does weight training in the morning and in the evening. reads two books.

and yet he always complains about prison life.

the joke is from tiktok…:)

its 20:17 cet. i was on tiktok. after the fourth tiktok from a jail, im having enough.

its really not easy to live in times like these with a paranoid schiz. and things like a.i. algorithms or cr@p like that.

what is the doc always saying, if you relate everything to yourself, you are sick.

this was in 2001.

then there wasnt yet tiktok, with its almighty ” i will give you everything you need” a.i. algorithm…:)

its 07:43 cet. next morning. i woke up this morning, after i had a ultrarealistic dream of a big energy blackout, and now im listening to this remix and im still laughing since two days.

today i got two things to do. i have a videocall therapy session with dr bliss (thats her real name) and i will tell her the story about prison life and why am i spared of it. after i told her many lies about my sanity. and she wont know where her @ss is and where her head is. as always.

no she is not reading this on this site. she doesnt google. she is young, she is smart, she finished university with a degree (aint a doctor tho), she is married, she has a kinderg@rten ch!ld and a husband who sends her funny gifs with the new heroes of left winged people, the new government of germany, she has a lifelong credit, she is paying for until she gets 65. and she is sitting in her cubbyhole office all day, until she gets home in the evening to her husband and k!d.

and she is losing precious lifetime by therapying my left sock.

but as i said she is not googling. digging a little bit deeper.

the second thing i have to do today, is to get my third anti corona jab. im a little bit afraid of. since i am a facebook student, we did these side effects studies at university. and now my greatest fear of all is that my left b@ll will be swelling and losing all of its little h@irs and make me in the end infert!ble….but i have to do this anyway…:(

and my f4cking biontech stocks has fallen so deep, that i wont sell them. now im waiting for the mrna anti cancer vaccines in the future…

i wish you a good morning europe and a good night america…:))))

08:20 cet. by the way this remix here is autobiographic. im an octopus too.

yesterday i washed my dishes. in the same time i heated up water in the electrice kettle. i didnt finish the big amount of dishes, while i was cooking the pasta and the italian bolognese sauce. and when i finished the dishes, dinner was ready…

every octopus would be proud of me.

its 20:11 cet. i have my third corona jab. the nurse jabbed it into my arm like i was a horse. she said sorry. anyways. my arm is not aching.

dr bliss told me after i told her, that i wont go to jail no matter i do, that i would go to jail, if i was in a clear state of mind. i didnt want to say to her:

you think if i got the opportunity just with the mentioning of heard voices in the mind to not to go into jail, i wouldnt mention this? no matter what state of mind i was…

but i didnt say nothing. to not bring her into the wrong thoughts about the therapy.:) i just said:

oh thats a mess. so if im not hearing voices i would go into jail? thats a mess.

but she laughed about the prison joke anyways…:)

"The Day Of the Octopus (Cathy´s Speech)"
by Kiki (Sunstream FM)

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