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"Love conquers all" by Kathy Brocks

uploaded: Sun, Jul 21, 2013 @ 4:19 PM
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Love Conquers all by Kathy Brocks

joshua coates said i teach my children to love no matter what love conquers all

love conquers all
no matter what the stakes
no matter what you face
love conquers all (x2)

every trial and tri-bu-la-tion
every blasphemous situation
surrender to the love that conquers all
jesus is the love that conquers all

every hateful phrase
every innocence stolen away
every heartache

no hurt too great
for the love that conquers all
lean on Jesus, he knows the way
lean on Jesus, his truth has been seen by sight
lean on Jesus, his life is a bright shining light

""Love conquers all" by Kathy Brocks"
by KathyBrocks

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