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Mourning Dew (Ana Dolu Mix)

uploaded: Sun, Jan 20, 2008 @ 6:16 PM
byKaer Trouz
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When Murat Ses called out for come vocal remixes for his excellent Anadolu Pop Theme, the Turkish part of me heard something ancient and familiar. I had made an electronic cello and flute loop last year employing the A relative minor scale and these fit perfectly over the theme,as did Narva9’s beautiful guitar line from Velvet Robe. I wanted to use her vocals but they switched out of the restrictive key signature and I couldn’t make them fit. I wanted the vocals to sound percussive and desperate. The song is really about a drunken booty call, but sound much more dramatic and brooding when set against the rich Anatolian imagery Murat’s original mix provides.

One Step Closer
I will break down
Even with you, inside me
I am lost

You won’t call me
& You can’t love me
I am vibrating here
waiting for you

The crush is crushing
bearing down on
the fire that rages
inside of this heart

Don’t condemn me
because I’m lonely
You can call me when you’re wasted
I will never mind

"Mourning Dew (Ana Dolu Mix)"
by Kaer Trouz

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