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Outside in bass

uploaded: Mon, Nov 6, 2017 @ 1:39 PM
FeaturingJavolenus, Stefan Kartenberg
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Let this be a lesson to anyone. I usually do all my listening through head phones, but this bass addition was all done without. When I listened to the Stefan version, I was like this thing needs bass. I made the bass line all without hearing the original bass line at all on my laptop… then I plugged them in and just said where the hell is that other bass coming from !!!! lol funny as hell…. Now it sounds quite off sorry to all.

Thanks Javolenus and Stefan for leaving this unfinished in my eyes so I could overlay something too!

My favourite part is the shift from the obvious to a semitone up with bass which sends the whole thing into jazz land. There was a few bars of that up and down a semi tone.

I kept the bass a bit drowned than usual because I didn’t want to overpower what already sounded great. I could remix it if you Stefan reckons the bass should be louder…

Similarly I tried not to add to many notes and just lay back and let the rest do it’s work…

"Outside in bass"
by JohnBozi

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