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Toning the Chakras - Base to Crown and Beyond

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Healing tones for all 7 chakras in the human body, plus the special sound of the “8th chakra”. Learn and practice these vowel sounds to balance and heal the energies of the chakras and whole body. I do the tones here in a pretty basic way that most people can likely do along with me. Includes short introduction to the chakra system and attributes of each chakra. I hope to see some interesting remixes with music or other sounds, am also posting individual pells of each chakra for additional practice and easier usage.

1st chakra - Uh (as in “cup”)
2nd chakra - Ooo (“do”)
3rd chakra - Oh (“so”)
4th chakra - Ah (“saw”)
5th chakra - I (“fly”)
6th chakra - Aye (“play”)
7th chakra - Eee (“see”)
“8th” chakra - Om (“home”)

"Toning the Chakras - Base to Crown and Beyond"
by GeeArtriasRose

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