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Chill House (History Of House)

uploaded: Mon, Sep 27, 2010 @ 11:17 PM last modified: Wed, Sep 29, 2010 @ 4:02 AM  (add)
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They call it house music
They call it house music
They call it house music
But hey…
What is it?

House music is a style of music that evolved from the parties held out in Chicago and New


It’s the four on the floor you hear when you move.

It’s the claps and the shakers you hear on the eigth notes.

It’s the echoes, the delays, the synthesizers and the feel good lyrics.

Usually feel good. And usually pretty fast, 120 smiles per hours.

House music came from houses and homes.

Synthesizers and records on loan.

Mom’s old disco records, maybe some scratching.

Maybe even a drum machine.

The Warehouse was where it was at in Chicago.

So records as played in the WareHouse, became house music over time.

The name stuck through the years at it evolved from the gay dance scene to the mainstream

dance and pop scene.

From the eighties. Worldwide in the nineties.

And now in the two thousand tens, it’s circled the globe and brought every kind of sound

together under one tent of international groove.

Most electronic and trance music that you hear today are descended from House.

But house itself descends from the disco scene itself, which descended from rock and roll and

jazz. Which decended from ragtime.

If we keep going back we’ll find some lonely man, tapping a few sticks together by himself to

make a beat only he can groove to.

But that’s music.

Cave music.

But we’re here to house you.

To audibly arouse you.

Hear the delay echo on, the beat goes marching along
from the ceiling to the bottom of this club bassment
When the song drops we clear like displacement

Drink dispensing
Lightly talking
Casual, action

Chill house

Chill house

"Chill House (History Of House)"
by coruscate

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