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Spaced Invaders 90 BPM

uploaded: Mon, Feb 1, 2010 @ 3:33 AM
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Will be a two piece vocal, but for now it’s got one verse.
(On edit) The two piece verse is up at a different BPM.

“Spaced Invaders”

Greetings earthlings take me to your leader
we’re eager so let’s unload the people eater
we got test vials for test trial experiments
it’ll take a while so we brought five regiments
so Commander Zork bring us into port
and abuse this spork in human sports
we got mean viminas and particle beams
and vixens from Venus to represent our teams
We teleported in from unknown galaxies
attracted by broadcasts from the fifties
Sitcoms, cartoons and pornographic
images from National Geographic
we want our MTV then we’ll watch some QVC
stock up on Chinese toys made from toxic PVC
Had a great laugh with our boy Orson Welles
Took photos of ourselves riding carousels

—— My favorite martian well that was whack
—— but Mork & Mindy gave us a heart attack
—— E.T. called us up on collect
—— and Independance Day gets no respect

"Spaced Invaders 90 BPM"
by coruscate

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Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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