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Conservative White Boy 96 BPM

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“Conservative White Boy”

Walk like an Egyptian, what is your addiction?
fiction fixation, propaganda placation
controlled like playstations overmedicated patients
asphyxiated by diction, mental self restriction
improperly gandering but properly slandering,
quick to be damnding but run like illegal aliens
liable to libel like lions like lamb chops
collective hive of vile, slackjaw S.O.B.s
Hate on a trigger, no thinking, no figuring
Chaste on exploratory thinking just so ignorant
Talking points are the new sieg heil their holy grail
ale addled white males wail but can’t prevail
one hundred percent agenda where the goal is contrarian
you want to be upwind of the agitated tea baggers when
they all join arms and channel Ronald Reagan’s ghost
And make tin foil hats and have agent orange with toast
And if the party of the elephant is stuck up like a phallus
Knee pad wearing harlequins the Democrats do Dallas
Don’t take this or that, this and that are equal.
Because the lesser of two evils is still evil.

— Conservative white boy WTF
— a worthless ass with no regret
— a walking corpse with no brains left
— heard all the facts and still play dead

Why can’t you come to grip?
Head in the sand watch reality slip.
You only believe fellow wingnuts
You have stupid tattoed on your butt
Good minds are open yours is welded tight
You have chosen to overlook life
As if bombs and death are your only trick
scoughed at Katrina you’re just sick
Love to say traitor and communist
Say you love war but you won’t enlist
Puppets without strings, gullible fools
Racially divided, useful tools
Wholly obsessed with being a victim
And only interested in this maxim
Republicans are only loyalt to themselaves
So let the lowly crumbs rot in hell

"Conservative White Boy 96 BPM"
by coruscate

2010 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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