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Sehnsucht nach den Sternen

uploaded: Wed, May 4, 2011 @ 1:41 PM last modified: Wed, May 4, 2011 @ 1:59 PM  (add)
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Sehnsucht nach den Sternen
(Longing for the Stars)

* * * version 5 * * *

released under Creative Commons Zero

* * * Please remix or translate * * *

Composition and lyrics: Henning Pfeifer (Assurbanipal), and Thomas U. Grüttmüller (Sloyment)

This song was made using SoundTracker for Linux.

Files in this upload:
* MP3 conversion of the entire song
* MP3 karaoke version (e.g. for other language versions)
* the original module file (if you use SoundTracker, MilkyTracker, Fasttracker2 or similar, this file is all you need. It includes all notes and samples!)
* a very bad MIDI conversion done with timidity
* the instrument samples used
* the voice samples
* the guitar solo

Sampled instruments:
* YAMAHA Portatone PSR-48 keyboard
* YAMAHA PS-20 keyboard
* Samick LS - 10/BK electric guitar

Further documentation:


At the Lenin observatory
where the pofressors (i.e. butt-biters) teach,
I stood in front of the star map
and let them explain to me,
where do I get the Super-Diamond,
and where the fuel for the start,
and where do I get all the food
for my journey to the stars

I’m longing for the stars,
desire for light
can’t be much worse,
I am longing for the little stars.

If you look out of the spaceship,
you see the sparkling of distant stars,
they encode in finzel type,
the salute from far away.
sometimes im craving in the deepest night
, there where my sweetheart lives,
she has such big eyes, big power, and a
broad mouth she got…


A milk frother is needed
by humans to froth milk.
When it is submerged deep into the glass,
I start dreaming immediately
of the frothy milky way at night,
the endless space, the sea of stars,
and of the white space bark, of the power,
and of the kryon army.


Deep inside the Black Forest and in Bavaria i’ve been,
and also in Tirol.
But from endless party during night im already got my belly full since a long time.
Because at night i’m longing for the red giants and white dwarfs,
with their green wide meadows full of power
and sharp edged mountain peaks


At the grave yard outside town,
where the owl shreeks at night,
Hounds are sitting tired and droopy
at the grave in complete darkness.
But for me, the nicest thing is the bright shine
that falls down from the stars,
because it lets all people be happy again
on the entire world.

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Contents of ZIP Archive: SoundTracker XM (all you

  • /2010-12-10 1 v05 Sehnsucht nach den Sternen.xm (23.85MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: bad MIDI conversion

  • /2010-12-10 1 v05 Sehnsucht nach den Sternen.mid (114.47KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Instruments (short wav fi

  • /Sehnsucht5/02.wav (125.64KB)
  • /Sehnsucht5/06.wav (12.39KB)
  • /Sehnsucht5/07.wav (4.01KB)
  • /Sehnsucht5/04 Keksabbeißer.wav (27.26KB)
  • /Sehnsucht5/24.wav (159.05KB)
  • /Sehnsucht5/05.wav (4.04KB)
  • /Sehnsucht5/25.wav (80.40KB)
  • /Sehnsucht5/09.wav (226.43KB)
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  • /Sehnsucht5/18.wav (114.34KB)
  • /Sehnsucht5/08.wav (3.48KB)
  • /Sehnsucht5/01.wav (279.35KB)
  • /Sehnsucht5/03.wav (239.78KB)

"Sehnsucht nach den Sternen"
by Chomolungmas_Kleid

Creative Commons
CC0 (CC Zero)

The artist has waived all rights. Click here for more information.