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l'air immobile (mix-mash featuring Anchor Méjans, Federico Lemore, Stefan Thaens)

uploaded: Wed, Dec 2, 2009 @ 4:34 AM
Featuring"L'air immobile (alchimie du verbe)" by Anchor Méjans and Federico Lemore (vocals/lyrics and music), clarinet by Stefan Thaens - mashed up with a voice-recording (Schugi, Nettli, moi, b.k. and lemon)
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The rough mix is as a whole based and completely dependent on Anchor Méjans’ and Federico Lemore’s contemplative ‘L’air immobile (alchimie du verbe)’ which unfortunately is no longer available here at ccMixter.org. We credit Stefan Thaens clarinet and one of Anchor’s very first uploads instead and quote the master himself: “Everything Not Given Is Lost”.

“L’air Immobile (alchimie du verbe)”, a beautiful oneiric tune was a collaborative work between Anchor Méjans and Ferderico Lemore (vocals/lyrics and music).
About ‘L’air immobile (mix-mash)’:
At home, a short visit after a long absence, pondering about why the results of all sportive events never are quite the same although the participants do practice year in / year out, day by day… wondering why some things move and some never do… why it is that air can stand still while heavy wind-casts are causing a headache…

The spoken words are spoken in german with a heavy swiss-german-accent, another swiss-german dialect, some romansh, norwegian, and german with a heavy norwegian accent.

"l'air immobile (mix-mash featuring Anchor Méjans, Federico Lemore, Stefan Thaens)"

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