Editors' Picks

INSTRUMENTAL (Future Retro Activity)

Instant satisfaction, close your eyes and feel the inspiration of
“Future Retro” the Beat Gorilla comes back strong reminding us that beats are stil alive

Finally (just guitars)

by: HC-7
smooth acoustic rock that totaly brings you into the moment.
with a mainstream feel, and emotional guitars this track just begs to bew heard.

Greezy Like Crisco

Funny, ironic, thumping and beautiful all at the same time. Another great example of diggin’, rippin’, hostin’ and postin’ here at the mixter.

How Soon (I Forget) (Treatment)

An old(est) school mix of C Layne’s How Soon I Forget.

Ever notice how great that first piece of music is when you get a new piece of equipment, instrument or toy? Well Victor just got a new acoustic guitar. : )

Lake of Stumps and Staubs

Chilling, eery pictoral creep through the mindscape of one of the more interesting of ccMixter’s active members. Digging through the crates of the samples here, you can count on Gurdonark to twist and mangle things inside out and when it works, as here, it’s bone chilling.

If I were making films (especially ones that take place at night, when it’s raining, during a power out, and the phones are cut off) I would start with Gurdonark.

Nobel Prize (new concept mix)

What can I say? I’m a sucker for simplicity. When it works. This works. : )

Ft. rap by Conceptual. Beats are always tight when it’s CDK.


by: teru
Eclectic, off kilter and hints of needed psycho analysis, this track is not for the weak at heart but is ultimately the anthem for ccMixter with its “no holds barred” remix approach. I instantly fell in love with this track because of Teru’s willingness to push the envelope. There is nothing safe about this one, but its produced great and meticulously edited. Kinda reminds of Jocko Homo - The Jazzy Rendition.
Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla

"Sliding Cavern" (Deep Green Mix)

by: lethal
Housy IDM with emphasis on the ‘I’

Great sample choices put together in an emotionally satisfying mix. Awesome debut by newcomer lethal, looking forward to lots more.

Panic Attack (Feat. Colin Mutchler+Dr.Concotion)


Turn up the bass, piss off the neighbors and hold on while you take a trip on the EdShift transport. This is loud, loose, sloppy, funky… just like I like my… er, music.

Deep Down In My Heart

blue gospel, groovy soul, my first obvious pick, i’ve listened to this nearly a thousand times, great driving music, no treatment on this one, pure art

Twinkle, Twinkle

A sweet, soulful Hip Hop mix ft. vocals from 3 different Mixters. The Chilla name has never fit more perfectly. : )

One Question (featuring P.Mac)

by: GaryM
Glitchy, big beat is alive and well at Mixter with GaryM’s first drop — a rockin-the-house scratchy, synthy romp of P. Mac’s a cappellas.

Another great premier at Mixter, welcome Gary.

one moment (cdk play it cool mix)

Chill. Period. An emotionally transformative mix that puts you into a beautiful space. Really nails the mood.

From cdk, one of the most prolific and important contributors to ccMixter. ‘one moment’ is just one more reason why it’s cool to hang out here.

My Supergirl

A brilliant remix of LDB’s original ‘Pells for Girl and Supergirl and SFB’s Clockwerk Girl remix. Excellent debut Johnnok. : )

Quant La Doulce Jouvencelle The dirty water mix

by: J.Lang
Delicate, sensual and moody. A good example of cross-genre mix. Recommended for night listening.
Cezary Ostrowski