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Editors' Picks

Good Bye Mr. Rogers

If you looked up the word ‘sexy’ in the ccMixter dictionary, this song would be the definition. cdk wraps caramel-covered rhodes piano from avocade around some chilling original drumwork, tops it off with creamy smooth vocals from SilvaO, and sprinkles some flava’ on with Sol’s vocal clips.
A tasty treat that any self-respecting supermodel would revel in.

ever colour

Slow rock is a genre not normally associated with remixing. Lucky for us Mixters such as sleeperspaceborn aren’t comfortable with the word normally. : )

Black is The Night (Code RMX)

A funky dub remix by Code featuring vocals and samples contributed by DJ Vadim. An ED pick for me based on the bass line alone.

Hear Me

hear this, laid back atmosphere, beautiful vocal cuts and soft guitar make this remix amazing.. dj blue..

Eye Magic Mix

Nu soul indeed - a totally professional production of a ccMixter a cappella proves the concept beyond our wildest expectations: collaboration through Open Music, a whole better than the parts.

A big thanks to Frank (songboy) and Lasswell for sharing your gifts.

Crazy Love(Shadow) UK2NYC

Smooth. The second Loveshadow / Songboy3 remix to get Ed Picked this week. No doubt a winning combination.

Marionette Man (Treatment)

A blissful jazzy joint by Mandala Underground ft. the spoken word of Suzie Q.

Shadow Games( Radio Mix)

Loveshadow’s Radio friendly remix of FHC aka Songboy’s, “Guessing Games” is a pure delight. A funky track, that has a cool sexy groove. A treat for the ears as well as the soul.

Madrugada a la Gil Evans

Sensual nuevo jazz samba shows an arranging virtuosity in this remix masterpiece. Chill with this special piece of beauty.

Natchoongi (Breaked DUB RMX)

Pure dubby goodness, mixed with fantastic ever-changing breaks.
a really great contest entry from Antony Raijekov, who’s past mixes reflect the same great quality…
10 stars for sure!!!

Recommencer (mosquitomix in G)

A Ditto Ditto musical journey. And what a ride. He says the song’s about a break-up but he sounds pretty happy about it to me. ;)

May apeskinny mix

New to ccMixter Apeskinny, gives us a taste of ear candy that is very sweet to the ears. Add the beautiful voice of CalendarGirl and a mix that takes us in many different directions with out losing this gorgeous groove. A dance floor banger and a treat for the ears.


Bottom shaking heavy and very live feel dominates this party mix. Simple beats and bass extremely well executed and a great treatments of the very sexy vocals. A perfect DJ-dance-ready mix.

Days of April (Part 1)

Cool, fun and funky. Darkroom schools us all on the meaning of the word “catchy” with this remix of April by Calendargirl. This is Part 1. See also Part 2.

Celebrity [Omni Vista's Lazy Summer Mix]

Smooth, blunty chill under ggrrrrrrr-sexy Ms. Vybe. Instant ccM classic by always classy Omni Vista.