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Editors' Picks


Floating paints a sonic soundscape of ecstatic bliss, soaring above a sea of downtempo groove and jazz piano.

Featuring the delicious vocals of Laura Eason and samples from vo1k1, adrianmusto’s production and arrangement of’Floating’ is top shelf.

Locked the door

Morusque gives us glitch hop meets techno soul and twists Frank H. Carter III into something special. And he unlocks the door by sharing all those great sounds he created for it.
MC Jack in the Box

Trapped By Time

Lie down comfortably & close your eyes. Start your yoga breathing and inhale this wonderful ambient piece that feels like experiencing the universe expanding in real time, planets, supernovas and galaxies.
A mesmerizing journey with Subliminal at the controls, safely navigating between the black holes.

Did I just write that?
Anyway, this is fantastic and innovative music. Listen and make your own interpretation.
St. Paul

Here comes the snow (kojo akusa remix)

Kojo_Akusa masters a smooth, polished groove in this delicious mix. Vocals from Loveshadow are the icing on ‘Here comes the snow’.

‘Here comes the snow (kojo akusa remix)’ is going straight to my favorites playlist!

Thinking About It- The Dirty H20 Remix

by: J.Lang
Producer J. Lang sets up the warm, soulful voice of Songboy3 in a pefectly balanced rich soul track that is about as good as it gets!


Sophisticated, jazzy, dreamy. A light touch on the ride and a thick loopy bass sound that accompanies the delicacy of Calendar Girl’s vocal to an emphemeral place of contemplation and feeling.

black is the colour

“Black is the colour” is a perfect introduction to a musician who has literally perfected the sound of having lived through the glory days of British guitar pop in the late 80s/early 90s.

(For bonus points, look up urmymuse’s “a taste of this”. Not to be missed.)

Mr. Williams Blues

What a few acoustic guitars, some handclaps, a good producer and a handful amazing voices can do.
We finally got our own Staples singers here at ccMixter.
Real life music for real life people as Panu says.
St. Paul

The Song Remains the Same (Mr Williams)

Snowflake has up the ante. Her Remix of “The Song Remains The Same”, not only uses some of ccMixters early samples, to show where we come from, but also uses some our newest samples to show where we are going. It’s a musically treat.

Oh Dear Mr Williams - Tango ?

Unreal_dm’s creative mind heard a tango in Snowflake’s acapella.
The result is surprising, captivating and highly enjoyable.
Dancing tango is all about communication, connection, dialogue, exchange and…magic.
If only mr. Williams would accept an invitation to dance.
St. Paul

Waffer Thin

by: Alex
Alex took GuestsofNature’s soulful vocal about the importance of creativity and set it up with a delicious RnB backdrop that grooves along in such a fine and sexy way that moving along is inevitable!

No One Is Alone

by: Speck
A carnival for your ears, expansion for your heart, Speck does it again with No One Is Alone.

Speck treats beats from Toucan Music that dance with words by Porchcat.


by: grapes
Grapes, squeezes out his finest spirits yet. Just pour a glass of the best wine, press play, and delight in this tantalizing aural pleasure.
Hektor Thillet

The Remixin' Blues

Admiral Bob leads the charge as part of the “Freedom to Share” remix project, and offers up his tasty source for others to enjoy without fear of persecution. Another salty salute to our resident bluesman.
MC Jack in the Box

Lulla Baby (interlude)

On rare occations you run into music that makes you look better,
act cooler, it could even improve your posture.

The.Spirit.Of.Light’s funky retro soul/blues take on Suzi Q Smith’s great acapella does that for you.
Play loud every saturday night the last thing you do before you leave home.
St. Paul