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As Seen on the Web

As Seen on the Web

Thanks to Creative Commons licensing the musicians who upload to ccMixter have not only benefited from amazing singers who share their best work here but also get the most cherished benefit of sharing their remixes: Exposure on the world stage. Here is where you can follow all the video makers, podcasters, labels and reviewers that discovered that “free” doesn’t have to mean any sacrifice in quality artistry.


Video downloads featuring music from ccMixter have numbered in the millions and have accounted for much of the excitement about our artists and their work. Independent video and film makers figured out a long time ago no or low budget doesn’t mean no or low talent as is evidenced by the 100s of videos that link back to remixes found right here.

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Podcasters are always looking for the alternative, underground take on the modern independent music scene and ccMixter has become a “must stop” place. From pod-shows that feature music exclusively from ccMixter to established pod-shows that simply want the best, where ever it comes from, we are always especially proud of being featured in this new media format.

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Labels small and large have long known that ccMixter is a reliable place for top shelf music. There’s no higher compliment for a musician than when someone whose life’s work (or love) is to collect music, chooses your music to include in their catalog or mix-tape.

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Reviews and Write-ups

Music blogs and ezines are a great way for independent musicians to get critical world-wide exposure. Nothing beats when an objective critique discovers and comments on your music.

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