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Reviews for "Runnin"

by mykleanthony
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Mon, Dec 7, 2009 @ 7:25 AM

Uses samples from:

permalink   Mon, Dec 7, 2009 @ 5:19 PM
gotta say it’s almost not even fair for you two to hook up. but wait, i feel more soulful just for listenin’ & that’s what i came here for. we’ll see if it rubs off. great track!
permalink   Tue, Dec 8, 2009 @ 3:03 AM
An amazing combination of fantastic male vocals with a great b/t - who wouldn’t love this? Only a fool! xxxx
permalink   Tue, Dec 8, 2009 @ 3:45 AM
I cant find my way out as its a bit of a Maze in here :-)
permalink   Tue, Dec 8, 2009 @ 7:45 AM
sweeeet!absolutely wicked mix sir.thanx sooo much for usin the pella,i’m gonna have to do more like that if this is the kind of end results that comes from em.. big thanx bro.peace!
permalink   Tue, Dec 8, 2009 @ 7:50 AM
I gotta say that intro is BUTTERS!!! And the groove totally lays it down for Beckfords’ vocals. Damn good job, sir!