Holiday Funk & Blues Event

Reviews left by CSoul

Sat, Sep 12 2:48 PM CSoul review of Two 4 Seven (Robbero Mix) by Robbero
a masterful labour peace
Sat, Sep 12 2:44 PM CSoul review of The Enchanted by Stefan Kartenberg
Hey man , nailed it again , peace
Sat, Sep 12 2:43 PM CSoul review of SomeTimes SomeTimes by Loveshadow
, peace
Sat, Sep 12 2:42 PM CSoul review of Keep On Fighting by texasradiofish
WOW Great Job , peace
Sat, Sep 12 2:40 PM CSoul review of Here They Come Again by Siobhan Dakay
creative , peace
Sat, Sep 12 2:37 PM CSoul review of Free Like A Bird (Go where no one has gone before) by P7R7L5 (DJ Yegor)
agree with Unreal Dm "Nice production" very useful to dnce floor peace
Sun, Aug 23 12:58 PM CSoul review of The Stone That Counts by Speck
Wow "Basic Instinct" , peace
Sun, Aug 23 12:54 PM CSoul review of We Got Apps by Stefan Kartenberg
Totally agre with Javolenus "Great musical display! " peace
Sun, Aug 23 12:48 PM CSoul review of Je vis by Bluemillenium
Une grande collaboration de ccMixter. une expérience d'écoute très agréable ...
Sun, Aug 23 12:45 PM CSoul review of Take Me Home (Remix) by John Louis Kluck
repeats and delays very nice , peace
Sat, Aug 22 3:15 PM CSoul review of CONFIDENCE by Stefan Kartenberg
totally agree with Hans , You really nailed that great pella , peace
Sat, Aug 22 3:13 PM CSoul review of Tapis volant by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Wow , a great Trip Hop (Bristol Sound), maybe you can add sizzling :) , peace
Sat, Aug 22 3:08 PM CSoul review of nao significa, apenas o som by P7R7L5 (DJ Yegor)
A EDM with a Spanish vocals , interesting. I love the harmony of music with voca...
Sat, Aug 22 2:51 PM CSoul review of Upright by @nop
GOOD , love it , peace
Sat, Aug 22 2:50 PM CSoul review of It's Not Where You Go It's Who You Get There With by Stefan Kartenberg
Hey Stefan , a good job again , love it , , peace