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How I Did It

Thanks, Flo Kirby
by gurdonark
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Thu, Jul 31, 2008 @ 5:28 AM

Tools I Used

Sawcutter 2.0
Magix Audio Studio 10

Samples I Used

Spoken word samples by Calendar Girl, Duckett and Essesq.

Freesound samples.

"Thanks" from MC Jack in the Box's radio show.

Original Samples

The spoken word tracks were provided by other mixters as a kindness.


I sliced MC Jack's "thanks" and
sequenced it at wildly varying pitches, resulting in sounds from a straightforward "thanks" to a kind of high-pitched toy duck sound. I wrote the melody using the epi sound from freesound, with a counter melody using a music box note from freesound. I added fx from freesound,and blended in the vocal sections.

Other Notes

Flo Kirby was a real person, who taught me piano when I was very young.