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Fri, Jan 15 2:06 AM Radioontheshelf review of Hope by Kraftamt
Touches the soul
Fri, Jan 15 12:13 AM Radioontheshelf review of Vierklangsdimensionen by Stefan Kartenberg
Incredibly beautiful piece of music. The guitar phrasing is wonderful
Thu, Jan 14 10:23 PM Snowflake review of Gotta Go (feat Snowflake) by Patronski
I’m honored to play a part in bringing this poignant song to life.
Thu, Jan 14 6:02 PM Snowflake review of Straight to the Light by Whitewolf
ballads suit you indeed! i love the way you've juxtaposed my melody against the ...
Thu, Jan 14 5:57 PM Snowflake review of Jolly Snowy Night by Skye Jordan
how absolutely delightful. you've built each section so artfully. I'm dancing in...
Thu, Jan 14 5:56 PM Snowflake review of On A Silent Night by Stefan Kartenberg
another brilliant track Stefan. you're a gift to our community.
Thu, Jan 14 5:55 PM Snowflake review of Too Far Away by Darkroom
swaying slowly to the rhythm, the shimmering night sweeps me into fields of song...
Thu, Jan 14 5:53 PM Snowflake review of Is That Present Mine by Speck
the children fight under the Christmas Tree until mom enters with sugar and spic...
Thu, Jan 14 5:42 PM Snowflake review of Full Moon Starry Night by Stefan Kartenberg
True pop-rock perfection here. I'm floating along under a starry sky on a bed...
Thu, Jan 14 5:39 PM Snowflake review of Christmas Next Year (feat. Spinning Merkaba, Stefan Kartenberg) by Beluga Ten
i can imagine this live - Jason playing trumpet between lines and Stefan on guit...
Thu, Jan 14 5:38 PM Snowflake review of High Above the Darkness (My Star) by Admiral Bob
Gorgeous. One of my absolute favorite moments in LOTR. There is "there is lig...
Thu, Jan 14 5:37 PM Snowflake review of Message From The Planet by Radioontheshelf
like watching old, black & white movies alone in the cold by a fire. filled with...
Thu, Jan 14 5:35 PM Snowflake review of Admiralbob77_-_For_Auld_Lang_syne by MalreDeszik
im raising a glass to 2021 while listening!
Thu, Jan 14 5:34 PM Snowflake review of March of the SynTheSizers by texasradiofish
man you guys are brilliant, building this out of stems no less!!! I'm not worthy...
Thu, Jan 14 5:32 PM Snowflake review of Spinningmerkaba_-_Christmas_next_year by MalreDeszik
a modern, abstract painting of our unique 2020 Christmas.
Thu, Jan 14 5:30 PM Snowflake review of Stellar Words by Radioontheshelf
with introspection, the strings and piano lead me down a hallway that opens to a...
Thu, Jan 14 5:28 PM Snowflake review of A Billion Stars by Subliminal
captivating - ambient sci-fi. this would make an amazing music video. could I g...
Thu, Jan 14 5:27 PM Snowflake review of You're Too Far Away by septahelix
I'm swimming in the depths, pulsing to the rhythm of the waves near the ocean fl...
Thu, Jan 14 5:24 PM Snowflake review of Blessings by SackJo22
Oh mama how we need you A sonic sacred text, like listening to a philosophica...
Thu, Jan 14 5:20 PM Snowflake review of Starry Night by Siobhan Dakay
I bow to your orchestral skills. You lift my heart with your emotional dynamics....
Thu, Jan 14 4:41 PM Lasswell review of Poisen Cup by Stefan Kartenberg
Great job!
Thu, Jan 14 2:54 PM Lasswell review of Poisen Cup Vocals by Loveshadow
Who's dat singing??? LOL Sounds awesome!
Thu, Jan 14 2:21 PM Stefan Kartenberg review of Drum 'n' Bird 03 (The Crowening) by Speck
Chaos in the bird cage. Great idea. Greetings from Alfred H.
Thu, Jan 14 2:20 PM Stefan Kartenberg review of This Is Not Love(It's So Much More remix) by Darkroom
A bit dark and bitter. Like it
Thu, Jan 14 2:18 PM Stefan Kartenberg review of Lost Raiders (of Donald Trump) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Very funky and special. Thanks for the upload.
Thu, Jan 14 9:30 AM essesq review of Cactus Music by Loveshadow
My only issue with this and all the stuff that flowed from it is they are all to...
Thu, Jan 14 7:27 AM DjDubuacii review of Only Love by shannonsongs
so beautiful. im gonna see what i can do with this
Wed, Jan 13 10:43 PM Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) review of Drum 'n' Bird 03 (The Crowening) by Speck
Very nice, Speck
Wed, Jan 13 6:10 PM kthugha review of moonlight by airtone
airtone, you remain one of my fave artists on ccmixter, and this remix only rein...
Wed, Jan 13 1:32 PM RizKeyG review of Stars Aren't Suns by septahelix
Intricate crafting... i like it