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All This Time (Please Remix)

uploaded: Wed, May 28, 2008 @ 12:05 PM
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Hello, My Name is Module, I am a live electronic musician from Wellington New Zealand.I have been performing music most of my life and touring around the planet.

if you would like to know more about module please visit



All this time is a progressive electro track i wrote way way back in 2002 A live version of this track can be viewed on youtube.com


I wrote this tune as a bit of fun, as its a really old skool sound i was going for, I got this by using a real Roland 808 and a Juno 106, and created all the other sounds in Reason.

It’s kinda a play on words, the live version is pretty long, around 8 min or so, and all this time is like all the musical time, and its progressive in nature

over the years of performing this track, its evolved into ableton live 7 session which i trigger all the parts from a MIDI keyboard live if you would like this file to work from please email me.


I am releasing a live version of this track on a live album called PATTERN DOT LIFE through NZ Record label LOOP Recordings shortly (mid 2008)


Ok, its at 127BPM which is nice electro tempo, some samples are rather hot, and are all 16 bar LOOPS with everything there at once, if you drop this into your DAW of choice, you get all the parts playing at the same time. just hack away at it, i use compression alot, which i might have left on, I am not sure if live 7’s export function renders the compression, I think it does.

The mp3’s are at 160kbps if you need or want high res versions .(wav/.aiff) don’t hesitate to get in touch on my email most of all have fun and i am looking forward to hearing what you come up with. (All samples are in the ZIP FILE)along with this info.


Jeramiah Ross AKA Module


Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /allthistime_module_remix/bassline.mp3 (592.45KB)
  • /allthistime_module_remix/bathats.mp3 (592.45KB)
  • /allthistime_module_remix/big kick.mp3 (592.45KB)
  • /allthistime_module_remix/click kick.mp3 (592.45KB)
  • /allthistime_module_remix/crapclap.mp3 (592.45KB)
  • /allthistime_module_remix/filtermedistortsynth.mp3 (592.45KB)
  • /allthistime_module_remix/juno 106.mp3 (592.45KB)
  • /allthistime_module_remix/lead pulse synth dub.mp3 (592.45KB)
  • /allthistime_module_remix/pad synth.mp3 (592.45KB)
  • /allthistime_module_remix/percussion.mp3 (592.45KB)
  • /allthistime_module_remix/phazepad.mp3 (592.45KB)
  • /allthistime_module_remix/READ ME (please).txt (1.79KB)
  • /allthistime_module_remix/real 808.mp3 (592.45KB)
  • /allthistime_module_remix/reverse bits.mp3 (592.45KB)
  • /allthistime_module_remix/vocal vocoder.mp3 (592.45KB)

"All This Time (Please Remix)"
by module

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