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Wed, Feb 16 6:41 PM fourstones review of SUMMER (BOOTLEG RMX) by ASHWAN
teru, teru -- there's always one guy stirring up all kinds of sh1t --- ;) Thi...
Wed, Feb 16 5:43 PM Lycius review of sucuri by Fujimo
This is really good. Reminds me of early Richard D. James, and the Orb.
Wed, Feb 16 1:21 AM ASHWAN review of hiphop holiday (stoner rap mix) by sHORT fACED bEAR
Wed, Feb 16 1:18 AM ASHWAN review of Jiggy PoP by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
fresh, cute...very clean. nice bottom too!
Tue, Feb 15 5:16 PM Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla review of no minorfunk remix by j by j
Yeah, I've gotta agree with Vic on this one. To hear some of the creativity that...
Tue, Feb 15 4:46 PM Fujimo review of Wired And Twisted by Justin Kayes
the sounds you've created are really good and the different sections you've made...
Tue, Feb 15 2:16 PM Fujimo review of Arrebite No meaning no (Maelcum Mix) by Arrebite
damn, this one's really good. bom trabalho
Tue, Feb 15 2:08 PM Crispim review of Arrebite No meaning no (Maelcum Mix) by Arrebite
Fala garoto! This track, for me, sounds better than the original! Creative, well...
Tue, Feb 15 12:56 PM DustRed review of DC 3000 - Thievery Corporation by WIRED Magazine CD
This is really well mixed & produced. i like it :0)
Tue, Feb 15 12:50 PM Pave review of No (The Fine Arts Mechanik Mixx) by Oranj Mechanik
Yeah! Rhymes ill! French rhymes dope! English rhymes so là là!
Tue, Feb 15 12:42 PM Pave review of Dont Tech-No For An Answer ( Callmeyang Laid Back Remix ) by callmeyang
Really cool pattern change at 02:50 to Bossa! And: finally a professional mix!...
Tue, Feb 15 12:00 PM Pave review of No Glories by Malkolmj
Only advise is I found the Chuck D vocals to be a little to loud on the mix.. ...
Tue, Feb 15 11:25 AM creativelycommon review of Answer by Molocai
yup, definately works for me
Tue, Feb 15 11:24 AM creativelycommon review of SUMMER (BOOTLEG RMX) by ASHWAN
ashwan scores
Tue, Feb 15 10:58 AM Fujimo review of Two Tons of Pieces by Bricolage
i like this one. the progression and form are good.
Tue, Feb 15 10:53 AM Trifonic review of Enjoying The Storm From Inside by indieish.com
It's a certified head-nodder... some ill rap vocals on top would be a perfect ad...
Tue, Feb 15 8:24 AM Trifonic review of Revolve by cinematrik
Love it.
Tue, Feb 15 7:22 AM teru review of Valsinha by Gerador Zero
mmm... beatles like. Good description. Totally Beatles like. This track is s...
Tue, Feb 15 7:14 AM teru review of Answer by Molocai
Wow. I'd love to listen to this in a movie theatre. This is really nice.
Tue, Feb 15 7:08 AM Fujimo review of Drill A Mellow J by fourstones
sweet job. You've definitely turned teru's ditty into a complete work. I take it...
Tue, Feb 15 6:49 AM teru review of Drill A Mellow J by fourstones
I am so flattered. I especially like the guitar parts. You make everything so s...
Tue, Feb 15 6:38 AM teru review of SUMMER (BOOTLEG RMX) by ASHWAN
songs pretty good. Sorry pretty good doesn't cut it for me. This is sooo goo...
Tue, Feb 15 6:24 AM Grand Master Sexy review of SUMMER (BOOTLEG RMX) by ASHWAN
songs pretty good.
Tue, Feb 15 5:38 AM cinematrik review of Tour de Mixter by fourstones
So I finally had a chance to sit a listen to some of you stuff -- and it's reall...
Tue, Feb 15 5:03 AM Justin Kayes review of Bored on Your Backside by Trifonic
Wow. This is good! Everything fits like a glove and it sounds so clean! Th...
Tue, Feb 15 4:13 AM cinematrik review of Bored on Your Backside by Trifonic
Very nice production. This is really good stuff.
Tue, Feb 15 4:11 AM cinematrik review of I Unknitted It Broken by Minus Kelvin
I really like the way you've done this one. It really appeals to my warp record...
Tue, Feb 15 1:43 AM Aamu review of Wall Drill by Ugly By Now
A wonderful song. The atmosphere is capturing and I do have this strange affecti...
Mon, Feb 14 10:01 PM fourstones review of Fuckin' Rock! (cc version) by Gerador Zero
So I actually wrote up this technique (one of my more popular pages) http://v...
Mon, Feb 14 2:07 PM Crispim review of Thatswhatisaid! by Gerador Zero
Falaí rapá! Man, I'm sure this track will be tough to beat... The judges will ...