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Wed, Aug 17 3:45 PM admin review of Male vocal drones by ztutz
these are spine tingling amazing
Wed, Aug 17 3:41 PM LAVOURA ELETRO review of Up Until Now-teru-remix by teru
Wed, Aug 17 1:39 PM Analog By Nature review of Bevel (Walled & Drilled) by cinematrik
Wed, Aug 17 1:33 PM Analog By Nature review of Wadidyusay Supergirl? by teru
awesome....... dub... mmmmmmm
Wed, Aug 17 1:31 PM Analog By Nature review of Cliff by sunbyrn
that was pretty cool man
Wed, Aug 17 1:23 PM Analog By Nature review of 1000 Years by fourstones
i literally felt myself swaying back and forth to the melody.... pulls you in, t...
Wed, Aug 17 12:50 PM Matt Llamas a.k.a ManAce review of Rythm & Blu by DJ Primer
Nice guitars really soothing and definitly needs to be used for a catchy song
Wed, Aug 17 12:16 PM admin review of Sweet Thing by Matt Llamas a.k.a ManAce
you'r uploads are cool, but your chances of getting remixed will increase by abo...
Wed, Aug 17 11:52 AM Analog By Nature review of cdk-clubhouse 2 (artvonguard remix) by ego t. rip
i like it but you seem to have the quiet peice and the loud peice backwards........
Wed, Aug 17 11:49 AM Analog By Nature review of Clearly A Crime by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
pretty cool, my only critic is that it's to distorted... but cool none the less
Wed, Aug 17 3:50 AM MarcoRaaphorst review of The King-teru-remix by teru
superb track. superb. fits like a glove. I will check the originals now.
Tue, Aug 16 7:24 PM eddiebingo review of Up Until Now- EMONIC (ASHWAN RMX) by ASHWAN
i just have to say.....sick!
Tue, Aug 16 7:20 PM eddiebingo review of Don't Stop (mizzG mix) by Girlio
dope...i love the jazzy shit at the end. can i have a sample? and i think the e...
Tue, Aug 16 5:05 PM deadpan review of DEUTSCHE'n'FACE by ASHWAN
wow wan. this is of extraordinary quality...not extraordinary for you, just ext...
Tue, Aug 16 4:10 PM Analog By Nature review of Bad Attraction-teru-remix by teru
i love the subtle funkiness..... we need more funk on this site
Tue, Aug 16 4:07 PM Analog By Nature review of Where... by teru
love the dub.... cool as sh** my friend, kept my head stupidly bobbing the whole...
Tue, Aug 16 12:38 PM Analog By Nature review of Bored on Your Backside by Trifonic
sweet mix also... i must get some beats from you.
Tue, Aug 16 11:55 AM Analog By Nature review of Below (Lisa DeBenedictis remix) by nimmo
brave new wave my friend, this is pretty cool, like cbc radio at 2 in the mornin...
Tue, Aug 16 9:50 AM teru review of 1000 Years by fourstones
Yeah. This one's special.
Tue, Aug 16 9:46 AM teru review of Up Until Now- EMONIC (ASHWAN RMX) by ASHWAN
I'm liking the Emonic too. Pretty cool, huh? : ) This is a "wave your ha...
Tue, Aug 16 9:42 AM teru review of Below (no matter remix) by shockshadow
I'm w/ CDK. I can't fully appeciate this with my computer set up. Pretty cool w/...
Tue, Aug 16 9:33 AM Gerador Zero review of Remain (Zero Mix) by Aamu
Wow! I spent some time without entering ccMixter and the first thing I notice is...
Tue, Aug 16 5:16 AM J.Lang review of Below by Lisa DeBenedictis (WeirdWired Mix) by TheB.
Slow, sexy and soulful. You somehow have taken Lisa vocals to another level. ...
Tue, Aug 16 5:08 AM J.Lang review of 1000 Years by fourstones
It took me a bit to really appreciate this track. Deep and very relaxing. Very b...
Tue, Aug 16 5:00 AM J.Lang review of Up Until Now by eddiebingo
Very nice..loving that bass. I'm looking forward to adding my 2 cents to the pe...
Tue, Aug 16 3:56 AM Dex Aquaireean review of Lay Down ( The SoLaR mix ) by SoLaRiS
Wow! This one is hot! Nothing really to say but 5! Amazing work!
Tue, Aug 16 3:11 AM J.Lang review of The Airport Dots by Cezary Ostrowski
Music for the mind. So very true. Another high 5.
Tue, Aug 16 3:00 AM J.Lang review of Deja Vu ( The SoLaRiS Remix ) by SoLaRiS
I like this but i also like the clap, just turn them down.
Tue, Aug 16 2:54 AM J.Lang review of DEUTSCHE'n'FACE by ASHWAN
That's nice. Great job on the drums and keys.
Tue, Aug 16 2:50 AM J.Lang review of Remain by Click
Job well done.