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Sat, Feb 19 3:13 PM teru review of Reactive Fugue by JP
Nice. Cool stages.
Sat, Feb 19 3:07 PM teru review of Girl and Supergirl by DeBenedictis
Yeah totally forgot to comment here. Thanks so much for the voice samples. L...
Sat, Feb 19 3:01 PM teru review of Funky Dunky by fourstones
So pro. Makes me want scream "it's Funky Dunky time" in parts. Like i...
Sat, Feb 19 2:55 PM teru review of HOMEMADE MATERIAL by ASHWAN
Pretty good. No sorry. Really good.
Sat, Feb 19 2:52 PM DustRed review of Girl and Supergirl by DeBenedictis
mmm such a nice voice.
Sat, Feb 19 2:50 PM teru review of segment1 by catpaw
Excuse me what? Think I may need a $200.00 bag of ....
Sat, Feb 19 2:37 PM teru review of Below by xTheOutsiderx
Very nice minimal. Atmospheric done with unprocessed vocals. I think that's pre...
Sat, Feb 19 8:12 AM DeBenedictis review of Funky Dunky by fourstones
I like it when you play the guitar.
Sat, Feb 19 3:58 AM DeBenedictis review of Good Dream by Lucas Gonze
That sounds great, can't believe it's a 4 track. Maybe I'll try something wit...
Fri, Feb 18 6:10 PM Fujimo review of Candy Drops on your Tounge by The Orchestral Movement of 1932
it's tracks like these that make fall in love with synth pads all over again. ...
Fri, Feb 18 1:38 PM fourstones review of dice by catpaw
I appreciate the experimenation., if not the results...
Fri, Feb 18 11:08 AM MIXTER review of I Unknitted It Broken by Minus Kelvin
This is awsome! I really wanna hear other tracks of yours. SWEEEEEET!!!
Fri, Feb 18 7:25 AM THE "ANT-EATER" review of "NonoNO" - 00afro SpeirChuka Mix by 00afro
That remix is Sho nuff PHAT!!!!
Fri, Feb 18 7:19 AM THE "ANT-EATER" review of Wadidyusay (Beatgorilla's 28 grams REMIX) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Fri, Feb 18 1:22 AM The fog society review of Oceans by douglasdoright
I like it...
Thu, Feb 17 11:18 PM DustRed review of dislocation by SLLID
your more than welcome to dude. :0)
Thu, Feb 17 5:32 PM Johnny Aisfercorey Enurklass review of I Unknitted It Broken by Minus Kelvin
Whoa! What a most excellent mix! It had a wicked jive and a killer groove. It to...
Thu, Feb 17 11:20 AM fourstones review of Time Is Telling You by John Vincent Modaff
Well this song is totally mis-tagged -- it's got nothing to do with ambient or t...
Thu, Feb 17 11:15 AM fourstones review of Fly in My Dreams by xTheOutsiderx
I have very mixed feelings about this -- it doesn't seem to work as well as your...
Thu, Feb 17 11:06 AM fourstones review of Below by xTheOutsiderx
wow, I like this a lot. Shows a lot of discipline to keep it that minimal. Defin...
Thu, Feb 17 11:01 AM DeBenedictis review of Below by xTheOutsiderx
mmm, spooky! I like it.
Thu, Feb 17 9:02 AM Future Boy review of Critical Beatdown by Dr. Colossus
I think you could have been more extreme. You have an odd sense of what pushes t...
Thu, Feb 17 8:55 AM Future Boy review of No A&R's by Dr. Colossus
I could take it or leave it.
Thu, Feb 17 7:05 AM SLLID review of Drill A Mellow J by fourstones
i like this. especially shifted beats, fragmentary cutupped structure & clea...
Wed, Feb 16 9:52 PM j review of Wall Drill by Ugly By Now
Hey cool synths, like the ambience. And the voice is good harmony with the whole...
Wed, Feb 16 8:46 PM Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla review of Revolve by cinematrik
His bio states he's moving to Nashville to "really pursue this stuff" ...
Wed, Feb 16 6:41 PM fourstones review of SUMMER (BOOTLEG RMX) by ASHWAN
teru, teru -- there's always one guy stirring up all kinds of sh1t --- ;) Thi...
Wed, Feb 16 5:43 PM Lycius review of sucuri by Fujimo
This is really good. Reminds me of early Richard D. James, and the Orb.
Wed, Feb 16 1:21 AM ASHWAN review of hiphop holiday (stoner rap mix) by sHORT fACED bEAR
Wed, Feb 16 1:18 AM ASHWAN review of Jiggy PoP by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
fresh, cute...very clean. nice bottom too!