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Editors' Picks

Head Run

by: 7OOP3D
7OOP3D takes Kara Square’s Dark Clouds and turns it into a dark future tale. It’s fit for a cyberpunk soundtrack. A banging beat and industrial edge.
I’m definitely chippin’ in.
Mana Junkie

standing on the edge

by: K
Lav compels us to stand on the edge of a vast, spatial, emotionally moving rock remix of State Shirt’s National Felt. Stand on the Edge with State Shirt and Lav. Let the music wrap around you.

Streets of my Hometown


Scomber and Dysfunction_AL treat us to a straight ahead, toe tapping, head bobbing rock song. Always a pleasure when the ccMixter “house is a rockin’, don’t bother knockin, come on in”

Scomber is racking up on the frequent songwriter miles in the ccMixter spotlight. Congratulations to Scomber!

Quote from The House Is Rockin’ by Stevie Ray Vaughan


It’s not so hard to imagine in a universe not so far away there’s a guy named Scomber doing his third sold-out HBO special and a guy named Zep doing high profile mixing and mastering seminars at the Finnish version of Abbey Road. This is a great combination of inspiration, talent, hard work and, gosh darn it, good old feel good production.


These Tears (Sadness)

It’s crisp, it’s clean, and it has no caffeine. It’s a throwback to the days when hairspray was queen, and movies like Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles were king. Loveshadow has crafted a wonderful song that has elements of the 80’s imbued
Mana Junkie

mandolin chinese (moscardo remix)

Chill out with this captivating, atmospheric, downtempo ambient track. Moscardo’s Momentum Secret Mixter mix of Septahelix will give you a moment of peace in this hectic world.
Kara Square


by: cyba
This house instrumental is danceable groove at its finest. Cyba’s production, utilizing tigabeatz stems, is smooth, flawless, dynamic. Yellow is a must add to your EDM playlist.

Hey, Are You Here?

The classic simplicity of
Kara’s lyric and melody weave around a gorgeous B/T by Stefan in a song that will be remembered in a deep part of the soul for all lucky enough to hear it. I still say Kara is one of the best ‘undiscovered’ singer-songwriters of our age. Combining her with Mr. Kartenberg… . goosebumps!


All it takes

Siobhan Dakay took this beautiful pella by Panu and made it more than a remix. The arrangement, the production and the feel is perfect.

Sirius Crystal

by: Speck
How did Speck manage to reunite Kraftwerk? Did he get them working in the Studio after having a piece of LSD?
Joke aside. The composition of the Stems and specky richness of details makes this Track a piece of Art. Art of Noise
Siobhan Dakay

Good Night

I imagine Siobahn Dakay is a sensitive romantic with a heart as deep as the ocean. That’s what this tender and masterfully produced chill remix of myvanillaworld sounds like to me.

Drunk Text

Loveshadow - one of the most accomplished, prolific, and productive producers of our time - hits another one out of the park in his glorious re-imagination of LV’s delightful ditty about one of the perils of modern electronic life. Is this even better than her official version on YouTube? – Gotta listen to find out!

Leaving Babylon

Zep’s smooth, clean, classic reggae production is the perfect sonic setting for this journey of return and redemption iRebel sings about in Leaving Babylon.

One True Connection (ProgRock RMX)

Take a trip with me as we listen to Whitewolf225 and Loveshadow tell us a tale of how we are all stardust and we are golden in this ProgRock mix.
Mana Junkie

Pick It Up - Drunk TXT

by: Alex
Modern minimalist hip-hop magic. In the words of Zep: “Perfect.”