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Sat, Sep 24 6:40 PM J.Lang review of Life Is But a Dream by Kara Square
Love love your vocals on this. Sweet Mix.
Sat, Sep 24 2:38 PM Apoxode review of Go Not Quietly by Speck
Love it! Bedlam blues with some vicious microtoning :)
Sat, Sep 24 2:33 PM Apoxode review of Blue Eye Bolero by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Euphoric! Love the spacing of instruments and the variety :)
Sat, Sep 24 6:08 AM Speck review of Blue Eye Bolero by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
That's a great mellow groove, nice and fluid. The organ sound is a really sweet ...
Sat, Sep 24 5:54 AM Javolenus review of Blue Eye Bolero by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Great--very groove-tastic. Also dig the instrumentation. And the mix is well bal...
Sat, Sep 24 5:52 AM Speck review of It Still Hurts by Radioontheshelf
Great sound, movement and transitions. Much enjoyed.
Sat, Sep 24 5:09 AM Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) review of Go Not Quietly by Speck
Love how you threw around the saxes. Great stuff
Sat, Sep 24 1:16 AM Radioontheshelf review of lugubriously lost by Martin Cee (softmartin)
If you are having trouble removing sibilants and plosives try the old engineerin...
Sat, Sep 24 1:05 AM Radioontheshelf review of Go Not Quietly by Speck
Reminded me of an American detective drama but in this one the villain looks lik...
Fri, Sep 23 1:05 PM Kara Square review of Life_Is_But_a_Dream by MalreDeszik
Thanks for taking the track on a creative spin! Very fun!
Fri, Sep 23 5:44 AM Zenboy1955 review of Go Not Quietly by Speck
Tortured 4/4 until the emphasis is on the first beat. It almost comes off as a ...
Thu, Sep 22 10:43 PM Kristian review of The Rebellion Goes On by Admiral Bob
so admiral bob, before i listen to your remix, i first let your text run through...
Thu, Sep 22 10:10 PM Kristian review of brokencloud by airtone
hello airtone i'm listening to your remix right now. a very nice song. i'm missi...
Thu, Sep 22 8:40 AM Kristian review of Disease by Loveshadow
after all the two-liners that were left here as reviews, i would like to add my ...
Wed, Sep 21 6:00 PM Snowflake review of Scene From A Movie by Radioontheshelf
beautiful sonic journey from old self to new.
Wed, Sep 21 5:10 PM Apoxode review of Clean/Outro (Live in Brooklyn) by afieled
In the spirit of George Carlin, this is so true sometimes :)
Wed, Sep 21 4:55 PM Apoxode review of brokencloud by airtone
Stellar! This is an amazing ambient track, could underscore any moment of contem...
Wed, Sep 21 4:43 PM Apoxode review of Lost_Stems by queeniemusic
Awesome! This is a generous sample share for a beautiful song :)
Wed, Sep 21 4:34 PM Apoxode review of Notice Meditation collab by zikweb
Great atmosphere for SackJo22's vocals :)
Wed, Sep 21 4:33 AM Speck review of Melange by musikpirat
Exciting mix, well composed and much enjoyed. Who's vocals? Admiral Bob? Nee...
Wed, Sep 21 4:02 AM Speck review of Flying through Palo Duro Canyon in My Sleep by gurdonark
Very cool sound palette. Enjoyed the flight.
Wed, Sep 21 3:47 AM Speck review of lugubriously lost by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Interesting instrumentation. Nicely done.
Tue, Sep 20 6:54 AM BOCrew review of blue island love by Kristian
Cool Excellent !! Great
Tue, Sep 20 2:03 AM Kristian review of IL EST TEMPS by BOCrew
je te fais une revue. a l'école j'ai fait du français. c'était ma plus mauvai...
Sun, Sep 18 11:08 PM texasradiofish review of Disease by Loveshadow
Our ability to do nothing is noteworthy Bass line reminds me of Henry Mancini'...
Sun, Sep 18 10:57 PM texasradiofish review of A la vie by Bluemillenium
Expansive soundscape, B Well done
Sun, Sep 18 10:53 PM texasradiofish review of Dragonfly by SackJo22
Absolutely fabulous flow Smoove delivery
Sun, Sep 18 10:48 PM texasradiofish review of Waking Dreams (Secret Mixter) by Rewob
Piraten Musik. Get some today or Monday for sure!
Sun, Sep 18 10:41 PM texasradiofish review of Somebody is Falling in Love by Ezra Skull
Clever arrangement delivers this pell in a new way.
Sun, Sep 18 10:36 PM texasradiofish review of The Rebellion Goes On by Admiral Bob
The marching backing track well supports the theme.