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Video-Related Thread : A Video Push?

permalink   Sun, Sep 29, 2013 @ 12:59 PM
Several of my pieces have been used in excellent user videos, including some graphically superb BMX and diving vlogs, making great music videos in itself.
I feel these days often video is more important than music itself in promoting a track. So the more independent video producers, from am to pro, we can involve, the greater potential for our music. As mentioned, some of the vlogs out there are visually as good as something location filmed for MTV.
So I’d like to ask forum members to involve their friends who like making videos! Pretty professional results can be obtained from not only a second hand DV camera but also even a smartphone. The size of cameras these days can make some interesting videos, one of our team fixes a camera to his radio-controlled aircraft and the footage is often superb.
It’s an area I’d like to learn about as I have some good ideas, but my cinematography skills, even stills photography is is at present bordering on zilch. Perhaps we could use this thread for discussing video-related matters.