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The Original A.P.
by fourstones
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Thu, Feb 8, 2007 @ 4:42 PM

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permalink   Thu, Feb 8, 2007 @ 7:00 PM
those are some hot stutters, dude.
permalink   Thu, Feb 8, 2007 @ 10:23 PM
VERY NICE VIC….Hmmmmm. Loving them drums..very cool…..love that pause/ break.
I guess that FL7 really is Cool or is it just You.

A fan.
Analog By Nature
permalink   Fri, Feb 9, 2007 @ 9:10 AM
hey vic, yeah that new loops is awesome!!! nice glitch work on the beats… cool atmosphere..
permalink   Fri, Feb 9, 2007 @ 11:35 AM
FL 7 huh? I love the stutter fx!

Real Cool Vic
permalink   Fri, Feb 9, 2007 @ 8:51 PM
the drums are really great and the arrangement
too YEAH!!!!!! whats the FL7 A key station or …?
permalink   Sat, Feb 10, 2007 @ 4:57 PM
this is dope…a bit automator and deltron vibe in their. very very cool elements in this mix. props.
permalink   Wed, Feb 14, 2007 @ 9:50 AM
hey victor, this is a really nice and good sounding track. i`m gonna watch out for the FL 7 after downloading your tune.
p.s.: does the fruityloops have a funk-o-meter, too?
permalink   Wed, Feb 14, 2007 @ 9:31 PM
My favorite of your palette of styles is this kind of song—that “groove-soaked ambient chill” tag has some meaning, although it’s an awfully long tag for a literal tag.

My favorite parts are the little melody, and the way that it has a really good music-and-pure-sound feel. The beats work here, but I must confess that this one strikes me as a beatless exploration, or perhaps with even more minimal, electro-beats.

This is real chill-out music to enjoy, and if this is what FL-7 does for your sound, I can hardly wait until FL-8!
permalink   Mon, Feb 19, 2007 @ 5:51 PM
The dark piano plunks really do it for me.