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Reviews for "Around Dusk (Treatment)"

Around Dusk (Treatment)
by fourstones
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Tue, Feb 12, 2008 @ 6:21 PM

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permalink   Tue, Feb 12, 2008 @ 7:46 PM
I like that quirky intro, which lays a good foundation for the vocals to come in. I like the way the sounds roll in and out of the mix, like the little metallic drone that pops in around 1.12 and stays in until 1.37ish. The whole thing has a kind of sleepwalking feel to it—hazy and dreamy. I like the way “oh throw your arms around me” sounds in this mix. The backing vocals coming in around 2.50 work. I’d like to hear the vocal sections divided in two, a bit, with something like a vibraphone melody in the middle, something jazzy in a quiet storm way. This is a really fourstones take on this one which works very well.
permalink   Tue, Feb 12, 2008 @ 11:58 PM
This is one of those “watch your sanity slowly sneak away as you listen” tracks… Wow! I couldn’t help but imagine there’s possibilities for a Hersh/Mejans remix, after listening to this ;)
permalink   Wed, Feb 13, 2008 @ 1:55 AM
This is brilliant, expertly mixed song, using KH’s voice 2 full effect. I love the quirky bells and hypnotic beat, yet still being really fun at the same time.
permalink   Wed, Feb 13, 2008 @ 5:56 AM
LOL… like what you did with the drums. That slow flow is so remarkable. Nice work Mr.4Stones
permalink   Wed, Feb 13, 2008 @ 7:11 AM
DAMN! A new site AND a new track?
When do you sleep, Mister Stones?

great track too … I really dig that snappy snare/clap sound on the drums.
permalink   Wed, Feb 13, 2008 @ 11:52 AM
hypnotic late night mix, which sneaks up on you little by little as it evolves over the full duration of the song - and yes, when do you sleep?
permalink   Thu, Feb 14, 2008 @ 7:21 AM
I like this a lot. The clean, tight sound of the track makes a perfect foil for the wonderfully quirky and distinctive imprecision of the voice.
ditto ditto
permalink   Fri, Feb 15, 2008 @ 2:37 PM
Genius..! The simplicity of arrangement that you have choosen give to this piece a kind of enchantment. Hypnotizing…!!
permalink   Thu, Mar 6, 2008 @ 11:50 AM
I agree with the rest… reminded me of Portishead. Really hypnotizing!! Excellent… I was just going to write that the thing I missed was somekind of short break of the constant lazy flow… and bam there it is at the end! Perfect! For my taste the beat could have continued after that airy voice intermezzo some more… Well done!