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U Me N Him (fourstones treatm...
by fourstones
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Wed, May 4, 2005 @ 10:18 PM
Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
permalink   Thu, May 5, 2005 @ 12:08 PM
I kinda wanted to wait around for others to respond, but what the hell. First up…..you beat me to the punch!!! I had a feeling you’d do something with this. Secondly, its 180° from what I expected to hear and I mean that in a good way. Great string work!!! Instead of being a "I’m hurt because you’re not doing me right, boo-hoo" song, it turned into more like "Don’t f**k with me" type tune.
permalink   fourstones Thu, May 5, 2005 @ 5:48 PM
yea, it’s funny I didn’t listen to the original arrangement until I was nearly done with this and then I heard theirs and I had a big "oh" moment ;)

I do feel out of my element with rap. These guys have a laconic style that worked great over the original — but in mine it just kind of sounds, well, out of sync in places. Sometimes when I’m doing rap I feel like someone gave me a solo track of Miles or Sonny Rollins in the sense that the downbeat and tempo are all over the place (in a good way) and back-filling that with a drum part takes ears I may not have. Let’s just say I’m more at ease ‘straightening out’ a Colin Mutchler track because I think I understand the intent.
permalink   Thu, May 5, 2005 @ 7:18 PM
I really enjoyed this remix, a complete change from my original version. I’m so use to trying to please that top 40 crowd i’ve lost my sense of artistry. I felt as though you put new life into a so-so pop track.
permalink   Fri, May 6, 2005 @ 8:16 AM
"I kinda wanted to wait around for others to respond"

I get the feeling there’s a lot of that going around.; )

I think you got the ultimate compliment from DJlang59. Congrats.
permalink   Tue, May 10, 2005 @ 8:49 AM
I love the strings, I love the rap. I think the lovely but disconcerting chord changes go with the words.