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Reviews left by vibs

Mon, May 8 2:58 PM vibs review of 85 Miles by Stefan Kartenberg
Thank you for using the vocals, I had written them for my best friend to sing, h...
Sun, May 7 3:16 PM vibs review of Not So Human Anymore by Speck
Wow... This is a true collaboration... Love what has gone into it and what's com...
Wed, May 3 4:22 PM vibs review of Under Control by Speck
Thank you for using my vocals... Its a brilliant remix, "i can't be more clear t...
Tue, Apr 18 3:38 PM vibs review of Party At The End Of Time by Andrew Wainwright
Thanks for this lovely pella.. It makes a lot of sense for the world i'm in :-D ...
Sat, Apr 15 9:47 PM vibs review of if you wait by kris_sky
Tue, Apr 11 3:36 PM vibs review of Bleed by Stefan Kartenberg
Tue, Mar 21 3:25 PM vibs review of Showbiz For The Ugly by Andrew Wainwright
Hey, this is very cool!
Thu, Feb 16 10:34 PM vibs review of Girl In A Room by charlie_charles
What you have done is hypnotic, relaxing and unforgettable
Thu, Feb 16 1:21 PM vibs review of All Ready to Rock? by @nop
Its time you start charging me for the stuff you do! I love it!
Thu, Jan 26 5:32 PM vibs review of Unconditional by Andrew Wainwright
Sounds a bit like Blur! I like !
Tue, Jan 24 6:12 PM vibs review of Hunt Down Love Together by PorchCat
I kinda like this pell! Done with so much enthusiasm and good will :-)
Fri, Jan 20 6:56 AM vibs review of Gang Stalking by Andrew Wainwright
Love the zero tag Nice work :-)
Sun, Jan 15 3:40 PM vibs review of Blindly Love by Kara Square
You got my attention, big time :-) This is so deep Kara :-)
Thu, Jan 12 7:17 AM vibs review of The F Words by daniloprates
Why the NSFW? Nice and cool... What bike do you ride?
Tue, Jan 10 5:30 AM vibs review of On The Threshold (SAW mix) by stellarartwars
so good