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Reviews left by P.Mac

Fri, Sep 9 10:44 PM P.Mac review of Move Faster by EdShift
As much as I would have loved to hear more of my words and voice in the song(tha...
Mon, Aug 22 5:14 PM P.Mac review of Up Until Now- The Dirty Water Mix by J.Lang
Yep its downloaded!
Sun, Aug 21 2:51 AM P.Mac review of Clearly A Crime by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
This is dope It kinda got The Roots feel to it but yeah i wish it was longer how...
Sun, Jul 17 12:06 PM P.Mac review of Cuckoo(The Dirty Water On The island Mix) by J.Lang
definitely caribbean beautiful man
Sun, Jul 17 11:58 AM P.Mac review of U Me & Him-Feat Nails, G' Wills, Quincy & Lomon by J.Lang
very chilled and laid back however it still maintains the whole rugged feel. goo...
Fri, Jul 8 4:51 PM P.Mac review of The Lie by Screaming Tyres
This is a good song and can be extremely brilliant but I personally think anothe...
Thu, Jun 30 3:18 PM P.Mac review of Summertime (The dirty water Cdk Mix) by J.Lang
love the joint man keep banging!
Thu, Jun 30 12:27 PM P.Mac review of Below-The Intimate Hour remix by THE "ANT-EATER"
thanx ant eater
Mon, Jun 27 7:24 AM P.Mac review of Raindrops And Diamonds by Kingbenny
Beautiful sounds. I love the song as well as the lyrics keep it up.
Sun, Jun 19 10:13 AM P.Mac review of Expressions (Mastered) by Dj Eric Street
This is real! would also like to colab on some joints. I'll holla at ya if I com...
Sun, Jun 19 9:34 AM P.Mac review of Baby Girl (fourstones treatment) by fourstones
I can get wit this!
Sun, Jun 19 9:31 AM P.Mac review of Hey Baby Girl -Y U Sweatin Me Mix- by J.Lang
Yo why you sweating me. Hell yeah I dig this mix. Would've loved a bit of a snar...
Sun, Jun 19 9:24 AM P.Mac review of Hey Baby Girl (I think I have enough Remix) by BUNNIES GONE BAD
Yo P Mac is impressed at the way in which the dimensia pre-coxed (schizophrenia)...