Quintessential Solstice Event

How I Did It

Treated for Mutilation
by fourstones
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Thu, Jul 6, 2006 @ 7:10 PM

Uses samples from:

Samples are used in:


Tools I Used

Reason, ReCycle, Ableton Live

Samples I Used

Reason drums, synth/sample patches

Original Samples

I recorded several guitar tracks and bass


I started by using ReCycle to slice up a verse or two of the a cappella. I haven't used ReCyle very much and quite frankly I don't like the way it works and I keep reaching for features in other slicers that just aren't there in ReCyle. I know I'm doing stuff wrong (both technically and wrt labor intensive). At the end of the day ReCycle is really about slicing up drum loops and I know Pat and others have used it effectively for vocals and other legato tracks but I'm not into jumping through that particular hoop.

I then created a basic drum track (not that the final one is all that sophisticated). I then used Ableton Live as a host and the Reason project in ReWire mode to record the bass and the guitar parts. I've actually been working on this for several weeks and had gone through a HUGE amount of variations on the both the rhythm and lead parts before settling on the ones I used.

I exported the bass and guitar parts as wavs from Live so I do the rest of the project in Reason and not break my CPU. Twiddling with the drums, adding the horns and vibes were relatively straight forward.

Other Notes

At the end of the day the vocals sound sloppy and choppy because I had an idea and just didn't have the patience to learn how to realize the idea in the tools set I chose and decided it was "good enough" to let fly. (hence the apology in the description -- not for the idea, but for feeling guilty that I didn't see it through).