How I Did It

All I Dream
by fourstones
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Thu, Sep 1, 2005 @ 5:59 PM

Tools I Used

ACID Pro, Waves plugins, Sound Forge

Samples I Used

Except for a little percussion everything is from ccMixter.


I "cleaned up" the Gomez rap vocals in Sound Forge (de-essed it to get rid of some of the heavy breathing between words, de-popped it to get rid of some of the boom on the p's and b's, noised limited out the mouth noise between parts and then compressed the whole thing.)

After that it was just a matter of dropping everything into ACID and slicing around.

I created two fx bus tracks: one that clipped off the bottom on the input and put heavy reverb on that, and then a tap-delay. I feed the vocals, a snare and several other incidental parts into these at varying amounts.

Other Notes

It feels very, very good to be paying attention to music again.