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How I Did It

by fourstones
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Wed, Jul 15, 2009 @ 6:01 PM


I first started by chopping and recasting zonaindie's acoustic guitar part in Planeador.

Everything was working harmonically pretty well (given the challenging vocals) but it all sounded to Loggins and Messina to me.

Using Ableton 8's new vocoder, I ran the guitar part though it and I used the vocals (dry) as the carrier line. That means I was modulating the guitar by the vocals. The effect was pretty cool and (mostly) didn't sound guitar any more.

The next step was that I applied Sound Toy's Crystalizer - which is a fancy granulizer to get rid of any "guitar-ness" to the sound by shredding it, but making sure that no changes were made to the pitches/chords. (I had to add limiting at this point because the dynamic range was all over the place).

Finally, I added a relatively short echo'y reverb (16 quick stops, fast delay).

You can hear all the steps by clicking on "Download" and select "HIDI example"