How I Did It

No Sound
by fourstones
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Mon, Feb 11, 2008 @ 7:59 PM


The opening synth riff is a loop extracted from the Magnatune track with a amp env to bring out the upbeat emphasis and for variation.

The pad synth is from the same track, re-eq'd to stay clear of the bass and hand percussion track. There was a slight reverb on it so it wouldn't go completely dead between grains.

Then the 'performance':

In fruity's grainulizer you can map 12 keys (c5-c6?) to be split evenly across a whole sample so, for example, you can start 5/12ths into the piece. There's also a knob that maps to 'speed' where you can travel through the sample at any speed from that note, including negative (aka backwards). Sustain at any point achieved by keeping the speed at 0 with a variable looping grain size that I control.

So I ended up mapping 3 software variable to knobs (direction, grain size, grain gap) and 2 to sliders (filter eq and volume) on a UC33 (a midi controller/mixer). At various queues I would trigger a slice of the sample, then ride the speed/direction knob in both directions, or not for sustain, matching tonalities with the vocals while slowly increasing the grain gap as the piece when along, finally tricking it out in the last 20 sec.