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NadaNada (Bass Treatment)

uploaded: Fri, Jun 9, 2006 @ 2:33 PM
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I added electric bass to Jack’s great rock remix of the NadaNada.

I’ve uploaded the solo bass tracks in case someone is serious about about cleaning up the flubs and doing a proper mix (I just kind of slapped the two together).

The FLAC is a lossless compressed version of the live bass track as a 44k 16bit WAV.

The MP3 VBR is lossy version of the same.

Warning (and another reason why some one else may want to do another take on the mix): this was done in a new studio setup that I’m still working on. Right before uploading I started hearing some faint crackling at certain points in the final upload and didn’t want to really diagnose the problem until I’m done with the final setup because the problem may be temporary.

"NadaNada (Bass Treatment)"
by fourstones

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