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My Klean Secret (Headphone Mix)

uploaded: Sun, Nov 16, 2014 @ 8:12 AM
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This is a headphone mix and at one point I gave up trying for anything else. Hopefully you listen with phones, sorry for the inconvenience - at some point I will have monitors again.

Also: holy shit mykleanthony is an amazing musician, producer, songwriter, singer, arranger.

This mix is 100% mykle samples.

[UPDATE] now that it’s edpick’d (thanks!) it will probably get a lot more attention so let me say this loud and public: this project has given me a huge dose of mad-hatter respect for Mykle. In music school we talked about the “musical ear” in very, very specific terms with respect to someone who can bend sound into emotion — Mykle has the consummate musical ear. Honor to have him around and giving so much to the site.

"My Klean Secret (Headphone Mix)"
by fourstones

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Editorial pick

This is what a Secret Mixter is all about. Recombining a long list of creations by Mykle Anthony, fourstones has created a brilliant song all its own. Alas this is more than a song, this a musical journey, a piece of art! With new sonic delights at every turn, the production and arrangement will bend your mind.