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Remix Me Guitar

uploaded: Thu, Oct 30, 2014 @ 5:26 PM last modified: Fri, Oct 31, 2014 @ 10:49 AM  (add)
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These are some raw funk guitar loops in the key of D

For the preview demo I threw on some audio FX at various times: tube drive, distortion, wha-wha

[UPDATE] I’ve uploaded a clean (without 60hz hum) version of the guitar loops. Also uploaded overdrive and distortion/wha-wah versions added on top

Contents of ZIP Archive: Clean Guitar Loops

  • /103-D-fourstones-gtr-clean-01.flac (1.23MB)
  • /103-D-fourstones-gtr-clean-02.flac (1.30MB)
  • /103-D-fourstones-gtr-clean-03.flac (1.16MB)
  • /103-D-fourstones-gtr-clean-04.flac (657.27KB)
  • /103-D-fourstones-gtr-clean-05.flac (1.30MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Distortion Wha-Wha

  • /103-D-fourstones-gtr-distWah-01.flac (1.26MB)
  • /103-D-fourstones-gtr-distWah-02.flac (1.32MB)
  • /103-D-fourstones-gtr-distWah-03.flac (1.27MB)
  • /103-D-fourstones-gtr-distWah-04.flac (680.08KB)
  • /103-D-fourstones-gtr-distWah-05.flac (1.36MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Tube Overdrive

  • /103-D-fourstones-gtr-tubed-01.flac (1.52MB)
  • /103-D-fourstones-gtr-tubed-02.flac (1.56MB)
  • /103-D-fourstones-gtr-tubed-03.flac (1.41MB)
  • /103-D-fourstones-gtr-tubed-04.flac (787.90KB)
  • /103-D-fourstones-gtr-tubed-05.flac (1.56MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Beat

  • /103-x-fourstones-ColdSweatKit.flac (1.97MB)

"Remix Me Guitar"
by fourstones

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