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Deep Down In My Heart

uploaded: Wed, Nov 9, 2005 @ 12:19 AM
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I’m working on a big project and this fell out… doesn’t really fit so I’m posting here.

The really clean, in tune, on time guitar is Chris Juergensen from Magnatune.

The sloppy, off key guitar is me using a toe nail clipper as a slide and alternately getting it stuck in the frets and jabbing the palm of my hand.

Contents of ZIP Archive: Solo Tracks

  • /DeepDown_synth-hi.mp3 (1.11Mb)
  • /DeepDown_synth-lo.mp3 (797.45Kb)
  • /DeepDown_wulitzer.mp3 (513.33Kb)
  • /DeepDown_bass.mp3 (745.25Kb)
  • /DeepDown_cymbals.mp3 (296.48Kb)
  • /DeepDown_KICK.mp3 (95.36Kb)
  • /DeepDown_Strings.mp3 (1.88Mb)
  • /DeepDown_toe-nail-clipper-fx.mp3 (4.42Mb)
  • /README.txt (308)

"Deep Down In My Heart"
by fourstones

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blue gospel, groovy soul, my first obvious pick, i’ve listened to this nearly a thousand times, great driving music, no treatment on this one, pure art